KOCH-Bohrer Engelskirchen

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Success through tradition and innovation

In 1933 Carl Koch started the production of chrome vanadium twist drills in Engelskirchen, Germany. Thanks to its exports, the company grew continually up to the beginning of World War II. At that time the company employed 60 people. Shortly before the end of the war the plant was destroyed during an air raid. Carl Koch and several of his staff members lost their lives.

Edmund Schneppensiefen was commissioned by Carl Koch’s widow to rebuild the company and he did it gradually but successfully. In 1965 Carl Günter Koch, the founder’s son, joined the company. Machines and systems were revamped in terms of their speed and quality thanks to his business skills and the in-house technical innovations. Over the years, the product range was expanded to include the production of HSS twist drills, HM masonry drills and a variety of special tools. Two production sites were added: a second production facility in Engelskirchen and an additional plant in Aalendorf (Eifel).

In 2002 Rainer Giehler took over the company. Motivation and the young blood brought into the team have continued the tradition, and the company has been made fit for the challenges of globalization.