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Innovations start in your mind

We are constantly on the look out for solutions for practical applications. Ideas and improvements initially start in the mind and are then developed into new products by our development team. Shortly afterwards, our customers benefit from these solutions.

Our latest product highlights

The Bankirai drill

The new “POWERWOOD” range of drills is manufactured from HSS Co high speed steel and is suitable specifically for use in hardwood and tropical wood – as well as in normal woods. The high speed drills are available with diameters of three to ten millimeters. The shafts of drills over six millimeters in diameter have an anti-slip zone which prevents slipping in the chuck.


The new granite drill

Many users would like a universal drill which allows them to work on numerous materials such as the hardest ceramic materials, metals, cast iron, wood and synthetic materials. Our solution: the POWERGRIP drill range.

The universally applicable twist drills for ambitious and professional users are marked by the precision diamond-ground tungsten carbide tip and the POWERGRIP zone on the shaft. This at long last prevents the tedious slipping in the chuck – a real relief in daily use.



The new POWERSPEED twist drills have been developed especially for use in hard grades of steels. They are manufactured from 5% HSS Co (high speed steel with cobalt) and with a crosswise grinding at an angle of 130° and are ideal to handle. The chip breaker provides optimum chip removal and faster drilling (from 3.5. mm). The three surfaces on the shaft keep the drill firmly in the chuck and prevent slipping (from 5.5 mm). The POWERSPEED drills are available in diameters of one to thirteen millimeters. In addition, the shafts have an anti-slip size from 5.5 millimeters in diameters.